Daedalus Fallenstar

Where were you born?

Dade was born in the Eumaean Woodlands, his father, Thierdael, met his mother, Crisa, when she nursed him to health after he barely survived a poisoning attempt on his life. He had been suffering amnesia at the time, and when his memory returned, he was horrified at his indiscretions with a human and angrily returned to his family in Tikniar.  Dade was brought up by his mother in the Woodlands, with her new husband, the dwarven gunslinger, Ral Coldmantle.


What's a key feature of your background?

Dade inherited the intellectual brilliance of his father, and acquired the pragmatic approach of his step father.  When his father refused to train him in the arcane arts, Ral Coldmantle introduced Dade to an alchemist acquaintance, Zaknam Kham, a fellow castout from Miraldur, who taught Dade the arts of alchemy.  Howeverm Zaknam was a cruel teacher and often used Dade to test his experiments, causing him great pain and often leaving him near death.  When Ral heard about the abuse, he confronted Zaknam, who attacked Ral, partially paralyzing Ral’s right hand with a bomb.  Dade picked up the dropped gun and shot and wounded Zaknam badly in the chest.  He fled and has not been seen since.  Dade then appropriated all of Zaknam’s alchemy equipment and Ral resolved to teach the young half elf to shoot and craft guns.  As far as they know, Dade is the only non-dwarf to learn how to use these exceedingly rare weapons.


Why did you join the legions?

Dade was conscripted as penance for being caught selling some illegal alchemical items on the black market.  He found that he had a knack for soldiering, and his superiors quickly found that his superior intellect and murky morals made him a very useful agent and investigator for the army.  Eventually, Dade’s particular talents became known to and employed by Bardiya, himself.


How long have you served in the 11th?

32 years


What personal trait is known to your fellow legionaries?

Dade is the one to call on to deal with a tricky or delicate situation.  His penchant for firearms is very rare in the army and he is well known for his preference for them.


What personal flaw is known to your fellow legionaries?

Dade is moody at times and can harbor a cruel streak. Also loves to prove he’s smarter than others.

Do you have family? Where?

Father, Thierdael, is an elven archmage in the imperial army under Cambyses, member of the Elves of Tikniar. Father has acknowledged his son exists, but has refused to train or deal with him.   He finds Dade to be a painful reminder of weakness in a man who prefers to pretend he has none.  Step-mother, Rhanziad, is strangely compassionate towards him, despite the fact he is not her child.  She feels he is more like his father than their trueborn children.  Dade has two elven brothers and one elven sister.  The older brother, Baedrolror, and sister, Rhiamanza, were mages in Cambyses army and much older than Dade, being 136 and 114 years old respectively, though still young adults in elven society.  The elder brother was killed recently in the civil war, but the sister yet lives and has returned home.  The younger brother, Lir, is actually only a few years older than Dade, at 67 years, but is considered a child still amongst the elves.

Mother, Crisa, was a merchant’s daughter from the Eumaean Woodlands.  Step-father, Ral Coldmantle, is a dwarven exile from Miraldur, a gunslinger.  He has no human siblings.

Father has been missing since the civil war, thought to be alive, but little is known.  Step-mother is with the elves of Tikniar in the Elion Woods.

Mother died when Dade was young, around 10, brought up by dwarven step-father, a shady gunslinger.  He still lives in Eumaen Woodlands, but is often on the road at work.  He has not married again.  Often does mercenary work, and caravan guard duty.

The Squad

Daedalus Fallenstar

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