Where were you born?

Born to the Caliean family in the house of the same name, Bel-shar-uzzur, known as Bell to his friends, spent his early years in a life of privilege. As the second son of a major house Bell seemed destined for a life of relaxation and pleasure until, that is, the unthinkable happened. The Caliean family secret was discovered- they still worshiped the Old Gods. While not actually illegal it was a deep taboo in the cities of the Fertile Valley, where worship of the Emperor as a living god was the norm. With the exposure of the family secret the family was cut off from business partners and political allies. Their fall from the top of the Imperial power structure was swift and brutal. They relocated, in Bell’s early teens, to the island of Rakatul where there last remaining commercial interests lay.


What's a key feature of your background?

Being a second son Bell has always been the spare heir, the extra. His gifts with instrument and song were his way, from a young age, of grabbing the attention of his parents and the older generations of the great family. Most of the family viewed their forced relocation to Rakatul with bitterness and anger, but Bell discovered on the island a rich and diverse culture of music and story. He learned the songs and tales of the locals, playing them to a sometimes-awkward reception at family gatherings.


Why did you join the legions?

Bell was in a bar in one of the small towns around the Darden Sea playing an ongoing gig, not a particularly well paying one but the bar had some good looking waitresses so that was ok. A group of bandits had made the bar their regular hangout and when the legionaries of the 11th came to oust the scoundrels Bell jumped into the fray and helped boost the soldiers to victory. After that evening he began to travel with the legionaries, enjoying learning their stories and the experiences of life on the road. After a few months he officially joined the 11th, taking on the blue cloak and being recognized by Bardiya personally for his work with the soldiers so far.


How long have you served in the 11th?

10 years


What personal trait is known to your fellow legionaries?

Bell is gifted with the ability to see the beauty and the positive in every situation. Since discovering the benefits of his families new life in Rakatul he has always searched for the bright side of every place and time. It’s a common joke amongst the legion that even in the midst of the violent thunderstorms that sometimes come flying off the mountains into the Fertile Valley Bell would be able to find silver linings to every cloud.


What personal flaw is known to your fellow legionaries?

Bell’s positivity, and his desire to make others happy, sometimes leads him to stretch the truth. He would claim that this is mere exaggeration but sometimes it goes far enough that the less generous among the legionaries might call it lying.

The Squad


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