Where were you born?

Much is unkown about Yasha's birth but she was discovered on the streets of Araw as a young child. A human merchant/artisan and an elf healer took her in. She gained very few outdoors skills early on, assumption that all peasants are boorish and uneducated and backwards until I met my lover X who was a village woman in a place I went to.

What's a key feature of your background?

I used to pickpocket for fun, even though I didn’t need the money. 

Why did you join the legions?

I’m strong. Wanted to fight. Idolized my great aunt who was a fighter elf lady. Also I'm good at healing? I guess?

How long have you served in the 11th?

Twelve years—i'm OLD

What personal trait is known to your fellow legionaries?

I’m straightforward, bawdy, funny, brash.

What personal flaw is known to your fellow legionaries?

I’m a bit hotheaded and prone to anger.

Do you have family? Where?

Yes, back in the city, I think. I have a long lost child from a teenage dalliance with a MAN, but now I mostly like ladies. 


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