"The Gods of Cassian were worshipped from temples and homes for thousands of years before the rise of the Empire. Since then their glory has been eclipsed by the Emperor's own and they have fallen from favor. Now they are spoken of only in whispers and referred to as the Forgotten Gods."

The Death of the Undying Empire, Dorian Ashby


Forgotten Gods


The First Born


Jozla, the Eternal Star

LN Rulership, the sky, the sun Air, Animal, Law, Nobility, Sun Broadsword

Jozlais the Queen of the Gods. She is most often portrayed as an elf, with high elven beauty. Her worship was nearly scrubbed from the Empire's Lands as she seemed in conflict with the vision of the Emperor as ruler. She is still worshipped by the Elves and in small pockets around Cassian.


Qowtrix, the Dawnstar

NG Freedom, the rising sun, work ArtificeGoodLiberationSunTrickery Sling

Qowtrix is the youngest of Jozla's siblings. She is usually depicted as flame taking human shape. She is an advisor to Jozla, constantly working to balance her rulership with the freedom of the ruled. She is beloved by the younger Gods for the freedom she guarantees them.


Guresis, the Starry Night

LN Creation, rulership, the sun FireGloryLawNobilitySun Greatsword

Guresis is the Lord of the night sky. He stands in as ruler when Jozla has stepped aside in the past to walk among mortals. He is usually depicted as a figure with a large cloak, the inside of which contains the night sky filled with stars. He and Qowtrix are fast friends.


Kenesis, the Welcoming Home

NG Households, luck, marriage, protection CommunityEarthGoodLuckProtection Hunga munga

Kenesis was born in the moments after Jozla. He is the comfortable life that many mortals strive for, safe and protecting. He is ever present when the weary return to him after travel and travail. He welcomes the Gods into his home regularly.


Ecdur, the Calm Ocean

LN Justice, law, order, water KnowledgeLawProtection, Water, Weather Trident

Ecdur is the last of the Early-Born and the Lord of the Seas. He works to maintain and, when necessary, restore the balance of the world. He is depicted as wide-eyed and always watching, looking to catch those who break the law. He is not particularly popular with the other Gods and rarely leaves the deep waters he calls home.


Nienar, the Hooded Guest

LN Burial, the dead, funeral rites, mummification, tombs DeathEarthLawProtectionRepose Flail

Nienar rules over the underworld in silent grace. He most often is depicted in a simple brown hooded cloak with his face unseen in the hoods shadows. Rarely, indeed almost never, speaking this mute sentinel presides over the vast numbers of dead. Eventually, everyone will host him as a guest in their final moments as he arrives to usher them into his realm. He does not interact much with the other Gods.


The First Generation


Ihris, the Well-Spring

LG Roads, rivers, wisdom GoodLawProtectionTravelWater Light mace

Ihris was the first amongst the Gods to create life beyond them. She is usually depicted as a mix of features from humans, dwarves and elves as she is mother to them all. She is the daughter of Jozla and, as such, beloved of her mother. She is well respected by the other Gods.


Azotz, the Mourning Shoulder

CN Mourning, night, protection of the dead ChaosCharmCommunityDarknessProtection Heavy mace

Azotz is the son of Nienar. He comes after the Hooded Guest has taken a soul to comfort those left behind. He follows in his father wake but seems to go unnoticed by Nienar. He is jealous of his sister Nienar who the mortals seem to enjoy, since he sees them only in pain.


Quvenar, the Coming Spring

CG Dance, joy, love, music, the sky AirChaosCharmGoodTravel Short sword

Quvenar dances through the lives of mortals leaving love and joy in his wake. Brother to Wedur, and son of Guresis, the two represent almost opposite sides of every mortal life. He created humans (the race most known for their frivolity) and is often portrayed as such but he is said to have shifted shapes to get into all of the most exclusive parties. He is constantly trying to arrange parties with the Gods. 


Wedur, the Long Winter

CE Chaos, darkness, destruction ChaosDarknessDestructionEvilScalykind Dagger

Wedur, while also a son of Guresis, is his brother's opposite. Where Quvenar dances through lives Wedur comes like an oppressive storm settling over the unlucky. Wedur created the dwarves in an attempt to create some who would understand him.  Wedur is often portrayed as a dwarf, his dour expression matching their stormy nature. He tends to stay away from the other Gods, but from time to time Quvenar convinces or tricks him into attending a party. 


Usphine, the Hunter

NG Hunting, war, weaving AnimalArtificeGoodWarWater Shortbow

Usphine is the daughter of Kenesis and Qowtrix. She strides across the wilderness of the world walking besides those who hunt. She is usually depicted as an elven maiden clothed in a dark green cloak.


The Second Generation


Nadna, the Flower of Promise

CN Lust, pleasure, secrets AnimalChaosCharmProtectionTrickery Cat’s claws (tekko-kagi)

A deity of secrets and carnal desire, Nadna finds her way into the lives of most mortals at one time or another. She is depicted differently by different races, usually as an androgynous figure of extreme beauty. Her relationships with the other deities is polite but strained as over time she has learned many of their secrets. Her father is Nienar.


Cydgyn, the Moutain Spring

NG Fertility, magic, motherhood, rebirth CharmCommunityGoodHealingMagic Quarterstaff

Cydgyn is most associated with fertility and birth. She has retained more of her following than many of the other Gods in the age of the Undying Empire because she is always needed. Many of the other Gods are jealous of how much worship she still receives. She herself was not born of the Gods but created by the prayers of expectant mothers,


Relios, the Warden

CG Hope, healing, sanctuary ChaosGoodHealingProtectionRepose Shield

Relios is the husband of Cydgyn. He stands between the innocent and those who would do them harm. He is usually depicted in full plate and is a favored deity for those who work for good or stand in harm's way. He is the strong silent type and takes the other God's jealousy towards his wife very personally. He is the youngest son of Guresis and takes after his brother Wedur more than Quvenar.


Yvnus, the Scorched Earth

CN Fire, healing, vengeance, war ChaosDestructionFireWar Battleaxe

The twin children of Ecdur are Yvnus and Yna, born to a mortal woman outside his marriage to Jozla. Yvnus serves as the God of War, often believed to walk mortal battlefields reveling in the carnage and slaughter. Some soldiers worship him, though most recognize him as a deity to be feared and respected rather than loved. He is depicted in scaled armor, usually covered in blood. 



Yna, Herald of War

NE Darkness, deserts, murder, storms DarknessDeathEvilMadnessWeather


Yna, Yvnus' twin sister, often serves as his Herald, coming amongst mortals in the times before her brother visits. She is often depicted in scaled armor like Yvnus, though where his is bloody hers is black and seems to ripple like rain clouds.


Hymir, the City-Builder

LG Government, cities, laws, resurrection GoodHealingLawPlantRepose Flail

Hymir helped mortals build their first cities, dragging them out of barbarism and into civilization. He and his sister Ryva often work together to create masterworks of art and purpose. He is usually depicted as a strong stout dwarf. Hymir and Ryva are the children of Qowtrix and Kenesis.


Ryva, Mortal's Inspiration

N Architecture, craftsmanship, creation, metalworking ArtificeEarthFireKnowledgeTravel Quarterstaff

The sister of Hymir, Ryva is the great artisan of the Gods. It is her inspiration that allows for the creation of the most beautiful work of arts on the surface of Cassian. She is also depicted as a dwarf, like her brother, with long red hair. Hymir and Ryva are the children of Qowtrix and Kenesis.


Rilena, the Soldiers Friend

CN Fertility, military prowess, rivers ChaosScalykindStrengthWarWater Falchion

Rilena is often viewed in opposition to the Yvnus and Yna. She is depicted in plate armor but with no helm, her face revealed for all to see. She's believed to strive through battles saving and aiding those whom she believes have earned it. She is popular among the other Gods, and Yvnus lusts after her, but Yna hates her. She is the first daughter of Ecdur and Jozla.


Sutar, the Moon Beam

LN Magic, the moon, wisdom, writing DarknessKnowledgeLawMagicRune Sickle

Sutar is a recluse amongst the deities. He is most often sealed away studying magic and watching those mortals which study. He has, from time to time, reached down and offered a mortal power, gifting them with magic beyond their abilities. He is most often depicted seated at a desk writing, with his face unseen. He is not related to the other gods but simply appeared in their temple alongside the rise of mortal magic.


Lyrena, the Companion

LG Roads, trade, merchants GoodLawProtectionTravelWater Crossbow

Lyrena, the final child of Nienar, walks beside those who walk the paths of the world. She is the patron of trade and merchants. She is most often depicted as an elf but with the softened face of humans rather than the sharp angles elves are known for. Many of the deities view her as overly concerned with mortals and soft, but Ihris loves her for the concern she shows to her children. 


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