Fertile Valley

The fertile valley is the birthplace of humanity in Cassian. Surrounded on three sides by tall mountains and on the fourth by a massive inland sea the natural borders of the valley allowed civilization to grow up mostly unhindered. Just as several settlements began to coalesce into something resembling cities Gobryas came onto the scene. He rose to power in Araw and swept through the rest of the valley. He eliminated most of the settlements and renamed those he didn't destroy. 

The cities of the Fertile Valley have a great many imports from around the world, however the culture of the cities is entirely Imperial. Great noble houses strived to curry favor with the Emperor, usually founded by one of Gobrya's chosen lieutenants at some point in history. The dance of these houses, constantly rising and falling in power and prestige, dominates the social scene of the upper class. The middle class is made up of artisans and merchants, creators of things of value. Finally, there are the serfs who live on lands owned by the great houses. For the most part the land of the Fertile Valley is owned by one house or another and their are few freemen farmers to be found there.


There are people living in the Fertile Valley from every part of Cassian (except perhaps from Coriath) and so many kinds of names are represented. But, those who trace their lineage to the Valley originally, and those who posture themselves as having fully integrated, use Assyrian, Babylonian or Phoenecian names.







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Fertile Valley

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